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Name: sarah
Age: 15
Location: morrinsville, nz
What is your top 5 favourite records:
evanescence - fallen,
nirvana - greatest hits,
smashing pumpkins - greatest hits,
breaking benjamin - we are not alone
greenday - american idiot

What is your top 5 favourite songs: um tricky maybe...
breathe no more - evanescence
zero - smashing pumpkins
black and blue - counting crows
mad world - gary jules
i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance

What is your top 5 favourite bands: ummmmmm
smile empty soul
breaking benjamin

Why do you love music: lol i dunno - i just do! its just the passion and how it speaks to me. its always there when i need it lol. its like oxygen to me now. its just a part of me that im never getting rid of now

lol btw guys im louise's little sis. she told me tocome hehe so i did!

Current Mood:
blah blah
Current Music:
walking in my shoes - finger eleven
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